• NuGet: Install-Package Microsoft.Restier -Version 0.4.0-rc -Pre [Website]
  • Source: [Zip] [Tarball]

New Features

  • Unified hook handler mechanism for users to inject hooks, Tutorial
  • Built-in RestierController now handles most CRUD scenarios for users including entity set access, singleton access, entity access, property access with $count/$value, $count query option support. #136, #193, #234, Tutorial
  • Support building entity set, singleton and operation from Api (previously Domain). Support navigation property binding. Now users can save much time writing code to build model. #207, Tutorial
  • Support in-memory data source provider #189


  • Thorough API cleanup, code refactor and concept reduction #164
  • The Conventions project was merged into the Core project. Conventions are now enabled by default. The OnModelExtending convention was removed due to inconsistency. #191
  • Add a sample service with an in-memory provider #189
  • Unified exception-handling process #24, #26
  • Simplified MapRestierRoute now takes an Api class instead of a controller class. No custom controller required in simple cases.
  • Update project URL in RESTier NuGet packages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix IISExpress instance startup issue in E2E tests #145, #241
  • Should return 400 if there is any invalid query option #176
  • EF7 project bug fixes #253, #254